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03 Volunteers
04 Finish

Parishioners can register First beginning Monday 02/25/2019
Non Parishioners can register beginning 03/02/2019

For Children age 4 years to 5th Grade (5th Graders as Leaders in Training)
Registration Fee: $60.00 per child (Full time volunteer’s children free)
   Grades 6 and up:  Youth Group / Assistants – No Fee

NO refunds will be given after May 1st. 
All volunteers are required to attend a mandatory training. 
Leaders must sign the guidelines and protocol agreement below.
It is a privilege to be a VBS Volunteer and with privileges come great responsibilities.
I promise to attend one of the leader-training sessions.
I promise to read through all leader-training materials.
  I will be on time each day to greet the children (8:50 a.m.)
and remain with them until they are picked up (12:15 p.m.)
I promise to read all email correspondences and notes from the director and carry out all VBS procedures.