Religious Education
Student Registration Form
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Requirements for First time Registrants:

  • Must be a registered parishioner

  • Must supply a copy of the Baptismal certificate

  • If grade level other than 1; must supply letter of transfer from previous program.

Code of Conduct:
  1. Attend Mass weekly.
  2. Respect the teachers by being obedient and respectful.
  3. Give your best effort by attending class weekly and being on time.
  4. Show kindness and compassion to one another.
  5. Be sensitive to other people’s feelings in the things we say and do.
  6. Respect self, others, other people’s belongings, the school building and property.
  7. Follow the rules and policies for the Religious Education Program as outlined in the Parent Handbook (found on the SRB website)
  8. Codes of Conduct have been discussed with my child and I will instill all of the standards of the RE Program as stated above.
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