St. Clement - Matawan, NJ
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POLICY AGREEMENT - This form must be read, signed and returned to the PREP Office at the time of
Registration. These forms are required for each student in the program. Registration will not
be completed without the return of all signed.

I understand that the Policy of St. Clement Parish is that students with more than three unexcused absences
risk having to repeat the grade the following year. All absences due to illness must have a doctor's note to
be excused. Late arrivals and early dismissals of 10 minutes or greater will be considered an absence.
I agree to abide by the Parent Handbook, as posted on the PREP web page.

I understand that acceptable behavior is required and that chronic disruptive behavior will result in the
student being removed from the program. (see web page for Behavior Policy)

I will access the web page and my e-mail weekly for PREP notices and yearly calendar. I will check the
webpage on the day of class in the event of an emergency closing.

I understand that my child will participate in the "Family Life" program mandated by the Diocese
of Trenton (Information posted on the web page). I will contact the PREP office with any questions or concerns.

2nd Grade Only-I will attend the mandatory First Communion parent meeting in November (date posted on
the webpage.)

7th Grade Only- I will attend the mandatory "Confirmation Enrollment Ceremony", with my child, in Spring.
Date to be posted on the webpage.) My child will attend the mandatory Confirmation Retreat (October, 2019-
date to be posted on the webpage)

Home Study Only - I understand that my child must follow the curriculum of the Diocese of Trenton as set up by
the Religious Education Coordinator and will complete any and all mandatory assignments and tests. (Please see Home
Study Policy posted on webpage.) I agree to turn in the completed textbook to the PREP office by May 1, 2019. In order
for my child to qualify for the next grade level, and he/she must maintain a 70% average on tests and all work in
textbooks must be completed.

You will be notified, beginning in June, by e-mail, of your child's class assignment. Please print email
and save for Sept. Any changes to your child's class date or time will be subject to availability. Please be
certain of session choice - class transfers will be limited - our program has 600+ students and the number
of transfer requests has become unmanageable.

I hereby request that my child(ren) attend Religious Education classes at St. Clement Parish during the
2019 -2020 school year. It is my intention to take responsibility for my child's attendance at Sunday Mass
and frequent reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I understand that in registering for PREP,
I take responsibility for the commitment our family is making to St. Clement Church. I further agree that
Religious Ed will be a priority to our family and no other activities will be scheduled that will interfere
with my child's commitment to attending PREP class.

Promotional Release:
I also consent to the use of any videotapes and/or photographs in which my child may appear by the
Diocese of Trenton and/or the parish. I understand that these materials are being used for promotion of the
parish Religious Education programs and/or activities, which may include recruitment and fundraising efforts.
I have carefully read, understand and agree to the PREP policies listed above and in the Parent Handbook
As posted on the website,
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