Saint Eugene Carnival September 26th - 29th

Advance Ticket Pre-Sale 
Buy your Tickets Now and Save Big $$$
(Tickets must be paid when ordering)

TICKETS cost $1.25 each – Each ride requires ONE ticket when bought at Pre-Sale.  If you miss out on the pre-sale, the rides will be 3-4 tickets per ride at $1.25 each costing close or over $4.00/ride.

This offer is ONLY available until September 25th. 

Please see the bulletin for specific dates and times of ticket sales. 

Tickets are sold in increments of 20.  Minimum order is $25.00. 

HUGE Savings when purchased at Pre-Sale.

You can purchase and receive your tickets through School, PREP, or SCRIP or after weekend Masses beginning the weekend of August 18 & 19, 2018. 

You may purchase tickets at the rectory on Wednesday, September 26th till 3PM only.


The deadline for purchasing tickets on line is September 25th.  Only online ticket purchases are available for pick up at the ticket booth any night of the carnival. 


You cannot go wrong with a Pre-Sale as these tickets do not expire and can be used at the following Carnivals: 

Holy Cross, St. Dorothy, Cardinal O’Hara, Our Lady of Fatima and ANY carnival that uses Lynams Amusements.