Religious Education Registration 2019-2020
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Registration Fees
  • Family using the weekly envelopes regularly at least six months prior to date of registration. Envelope number required. $110.00 per child/$195.00 per family of 2 or more students.

  • Family registered in the Parish NOT using envelopes. $185.00 per child/$285.00 per family of 2 or more students.

  • Fee for Grade 8 and ML3 Confirmation Class (separate from other Grades.)
    $95.00 per child includes Registration and Confirmation.
    $80.00 per child if using a previously purchased robe from 2006 to present.

Monday 3:45 - 5:15 pm is closed for GRADE 3, GRADE 4, GRADE 5 and GRADE 6
Monday 6:30 - 8:00 pm is closed for GRADE 3, GRADE 5 and GRADE 7
Tuesday 3:45 - 5:15 pm is closed for GRADE 4 and GRADE 6

ML1 - Children in grades 3-7 that need 1st Holy Communion.

ML2 - Children in grades 9-12 that need Baptism, 1st Penance, 1st Holy Communion and/or Confirmation.

ML3 - Children that will make Confirmation this Fall.

I agree to weekly interactive lessons and reviews online with my child @ www.christourlife.com (reviews are submitted to religed@hotmail.com), to attend three meetings a year for book review and parent meeting, Stations of the Cross (at least once), Adoration (at least once), Family Catechesis (once a year), confession regularly, and Mass attendance weekly and Holy Days of Obligation (Mass cards to be distributed and placed in a receptacle near Fr. George after Mass).  You will be contacted via email with particulars. 

Failure to comply to all obligations may result in your child returning to the religious education program or repeating the grade.

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Payment is required at the time of registration.  Your child will not be assigned to a class without full payment.

If your family is experiencing financial difficulty and you would like to create a payment plan, please call for an appointment to register in person. Please do not delay in registering due to finances.

In order to process your registration, please check your email for approval and payment link.