Religious Education Program
2020 - 2021 School Year
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Welcome! This is a NEW FAMILY application for Saint Eleanor's Parish Religious Education Program. Once you have completed the application, you will receive an e-mail from Parish Giving to register and pay for Religious Education Classes. 

The program consists of three components for public school students in Levels 1 through 7.  

The P.R.E.P. level corresponds to the child’s grade level UNLESS a prior P.R.E.P. level has been missed or he/she has not received the prior sacraments. 

For any questions, please contact Teri Lahey, Director, at or 610-489-4677.  Thank you!

Take the Plunge one-week summer program registration, Levels 1 - 6, will open January  21, 2020 and close March 20, 2020.  Summer Program runs from June 22 through June 26, 2020. The pricing for the one-week summer option is $250 per child.  Click here to view the requirements of the program. Registration will be open to all Parish families. ** Please note that there is also a $30 Sacrament material fee for Level 2. 

Family Option registration, Levels 1 - 6, will open after Take the Plunge registration closes. Click here to view the requirements of the program. The pricing for the Family Option is as follows:

One Child ~ $100
Two Children ~ $150
Three Children ~ $175
Four Children ~ $200

**Please note that there is also a $30 Sacrament material fee for Level 2.

Sacrament of Confirmation registration for Level 7 students will open in April 2020. This year, there is no tuition fee for Level 7 students. There will be a Sacrament of Confirmation material fee of $65, which will cover retreat, robe, and certificate. More details about registration will be forthcoming.


General Permission Statement 
I hereby give my child permission to participate in all religious education classes, Confirmation P.R.E.P., the G.I.F.T. Program, and all other trips and programs sponsored by Saint Eleanor Parish for the program year.

Medical and Emergency Release 
In the event my child becomes ill, is injured, or requires medical attention of any kind, and I cannot be reached by telephone, I hereby authorize the Saint Eleanor Religious Education staff to make the necessary decisions concerning emergency treatment. I also give permission for my child to be transported to the nearest medical facility or hospital for treatment.

Photographic Release 
By signing below, the parent or guardian gives permission and waives the right to any type of compensation for their child to be photographed or video taped at any or all activities sponsored by the P.R.E.P. program or the parish. Pictures or videos may be used for educational or publicity purposes. I also understand that professional photography services may be obtained to document the First Holy Communion Masses and the Confirmation Masses.