St. Patrick Parish

Parish Religious Education Program

PREP 2019-2020
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Thank you for registering your child in St. Patrick Religious Education Program PREP.

Our mission is to assist you as the primary educator of your child's Catholic faith formation.

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Registration Fee:

1 child - $190.00
2 children - $230.00
3 children or more - $290.00

  • After June 20 a late fee of $50.00 will be incurred and after August 31 the fee will be $75.00 .This increase applies to returning families ONLY.
  • Payment is required at time of registration.
  • If your family is experiencing financial difficulty and you would like to create a payment plan, please call the parish business manger at 610-444-4364.
  • Individuals who volunteer to be full time catechists are not required to pay tuition for their children.
  • Individuals who volunteer as weekly classroom aides have a reduction of 50% in their child's tuition.