St. John Vianney, Gladwyne, PA
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Thank you for partnering with us at Saint John Vianney Parish for the religious education and spiritual formation of your child(ren)! It is our privilege and joy to assist our good parents in your wonderful and important work of spiritual and religious education and formation of your children.

The aim of our Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) is to educate our children in our beautiful Catholic faith, to help them develop a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ, and to encourage their wonderful development as children of God. We are glad you will be joining us this coming year!

Whether you are a new or returning family to our PREP program, we would be grateful if you could complete the following online registration form, which takes the place of former physical forms. We believe that it will take less than 20 minutes to complete your annual registration.

Kindly note that the tuition payment, which goes towards covering some of the costs of the PREP program, is required at the time of registration and will be processed electronically at the conclusion of this form.

Only after you have completed the registration form and payment will your family and children be considered “registered” and assigned to a class. So, please do not delay in completing online registration.

If your family is experiencing financial difficulty at this time, and you would like to create a payment plan, please call the Parish Office (610-642-0938) for an appointment to register in person.

Please note that the tuition fees paid by the PREP families cover about one-third of the costs associated with the PREP program, and the remaining costs of the PREP program are covered from the Sunday collections. So, we are grateful to both our parents and parishioners for supporting our wonderful Parish PREP program.

The 2021-2022 PREP tuition fees are as follows:

1 child - $190.00

2 children - $240.00

3+ children - $290.00

If you have any questions about the registration process, please call the parish office or email us at

Once again, we welcome you – both new and current families – to our PREP program!

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Support Your Parish!

Our parish is happy to assist you in the religious education and formation of your child(ren)! This is a wonderfully important task – to introduce our children to God who loves each one of us unconditionally and to know the truth of the Catholic Church, which was founded by Christ as the means of our salvation. This vital task is entrusted primarily to the parents and only secondarily to the faith community.

As your parish family, we take the religious education of your child(ren) very seriously. Our hope and prayers are that they grow up knowing how much they are loved by God and how the truth of our faith can open to them a life of grace, joy, peace, happiness, and relationship with the Lord.

On a practical level, our efforts to teach the faith to your children incur certain costs to the parish. For example, the PREP programs include certain administrative costs such as religious books and teaching materials, technology, supplies, and payroll. There are also the usual operational costs such as building utilities and maintenance as well as custodial services to ensure that the classrooms are clean and healthy.

With all that in mind, while we are grateful for your tuition payment of anywhere between $190-$290 depending on the number of children, the PREP tuition only covers about 30% of the cost of running the PREP program. The remaining 70% is subsidized by the regular Sunday collection. To help support our parish and the PREP program, we are asking our PREP families to sign up for regular Sunday contributions of at least 10$ per week.

Many PREP families are already making Sunday collection contributions – we thank you! Whether you have been contributing to the Sunday collection or not, we ask all PREP families to sign up for online giving and begin making contributions of $10 per week or more. Our online giving platform called “Parish Giving” is a safe and easy way to make contributions. It is used by parishes and thousands of parishioners. At the conclusion of this PREP registration form, you will be asked to sign up for online giving in order to make your weekly Sunday contribution. We ask you to sign up and register to make a weekly Sunday contribution.

Payment is required at the time of registration.  Your child will not be assigned to a class without full payment.

If your family is experiencing financial difficulty and you would like to create a payment plan, please call for an appointment to register in person. Please do not delay in registering due to finances.